Treatment and cleaning equipment

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  • Atomizer


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    The ATOMIX has a disengageable turbine, diameter 600mm (400L and 600L) or 800mm (800L and more) with 8 blades inclined at 30° allowing to treat up to 6 to 8 m high minimum. It is equipped with 12 double nozzle holders, Viton body seals and a 6-way manual control unit.

  • Treatment pump

    High pressure diaphragm pumps APS

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    It is a high pressure piston pump. It can be used with all types of treatment products (except chlorine or equivalent), colored water repellents, paints and gels.

  • Treatment pump

    High pressure diaphragm pumps IDS

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    Diaphragms in NBR.

    Parts in contact with the liquid: brass.

    Standard: pressure accumulator and safety valve.

  • Sprayer

    Sprayer/ Pulverizer

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    It is used for weed control, disease treatment, crop pest control (insects, mites, etc.), or to apply foliar fertilizers.

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