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In a more and more demanding and dynamic market, SOTEMAG has demonstrated its capacity to undertake and especially to modulate new productions thanks to an interaction between its engineering activities and its expertise in the agricultural and industrial field. 

Starting from an efficient management of each work cycle, SOTEMAG is able to act in an important way both on the time and on the production costs, while increasing at the same time the quality level of the finished products. 

Au début, il y avait des artisans. L’histoire de notre entreprise commence il y a plus de 3 décennies – sur le chantier de construction.

Le succès de notre entreprise repose sur une expertise de plus de 40 ans. C’est en transformant son expérience en une gamme de produits et de services que SOTEMAG devient un géant de l’industrie agricole.

La coordination de toutes les équipes d’ingénieurs et d’experts de SOTEMAG

couplée à la surveillance permanente de nos activités de production et le contrôle constant de la qualité de nos produits garantissent la croissance continuelle de notre entreprise. La puissance, la fiabilité, l’efficacité et l’endurance, toutes ces valeurs primordiales sont ancrées dans l’ADN de SOTEMAG.

Nous savons ce qui fonctionne. Car c’est dans la pratique qu’on retrouve l’origine de notre entreprise.

Presentation and History


Sotemag was founded by Mr. EL MESSAOUDI Moulay Abdellah in 1984. The company has gained an excellent reputation on the local and international markets while building a strong network of worldwide partners for several decades.



The General Management Presidency was handed over to Mr. Moulay Mohamed EL MESSAOUDI, heir of the founder who died in 1991, who reconstituted the whole business model



Sotemag has freed itself from its foreign suppliers through the establishment of a foundry



Establishment of a tube manufacturing workshop



Creation of a factory of numerically controlled machines.



Conquering a triple certification:

  • ISO 9001 V 2015
  • ISO 14001 V 2015
  • OHSAS 45001


Sotemag has had one of its greatest successes:
Implementation of a solar rail manufacturing plant for the attachment of photovoltaic panels



Creation of MMM HOLDING



40 years later, Sotemag is not ready to stop. Radiant as it was then, it offers its customers a true agricultural industry with the help of a team of engineers and experts in their field.


A Moroccan and African pride

Serving the agricultural industry.

Our Commitments


Our quality policy is governed by two principles:
– The respect of our commitments.
– The continuous improvement of the quality and competitiveness of our products.


Our state of mind is characterized by a desire for continuous improvement, for this, Sotemag is committed to deliver continuous research and innovation.


Building a successful brand isn’t just about ROI, it’s about building real relationships with your customers. That’s why we’re loyal to our customers before they are.

After sales service

We are committed to be at the disposal of our dear customers during the post-purchase stage in order to guarantee them a better after-sales service.

Our Units

Unit tubes Flanged pipes

Foundry unit

CNC machine unit

Solar rail unit

Electricity unit

Assembly unit

Repair unit - After sale service

« Shaping your ultimate vision »

A word from the President and CEO

The company Sotemag, has always been listening to its customers, and market innovations in all its aspects.

For more than 40 years, the strategy of satisfying the needs of its customers and the adequate support in evolution has been the center of reflection of the CEO, implementing a process around the management of customer relations at 360 °.

At the beginning, the company Sotemag focused on accompanying the farmer in his work with equipment and services, by designing his own Alexy pump.

The air of digitalization has allowed Sotemag to position itself as a leader to be constantly in touch with its partners and collaborators by developing a program of trainings and transfers of skills to be up to date with the air of telecommuting and knowledge sharing by encouraging the expertise and allowing to guarantee the necessary assets to Sotemag.

Today, within the framework of the Support Program for Competitiveness and Green Growth and thanks to the daily commitment of all its collaborators, SOTEMAG consolidates and renews, permanently, its know-how and its innovation; By creating personalized, functional and aesthetic products answering the needs of each one of its customers, all sectors of activity included, from the agriculture, to the urbanism by way of the various industrial sectors.

SOTEMAG works, every day, to become the reference, in Morocco and abroad, in the sector of the metallurgical industry. To concretize this vision, it leads an ambitious and voluntarist quality policy consecrated by the obtaining of international labels of reputation; allowing it to propose, constantly, improved products and services of quality.

Through this site, we concretize our will to create a web platform, which wants to be of exchange, in order to better answer your requests, and of information to direct at best your choices, thus, by this means, we share our know-how, our values and our culture.


Our HR policy

Human capital is at the heart of any organization, and is therefore one of the main factors on which the growth and sustainability of the company are based.


Together, let's positively inspire society!

The development of our group requires the diversification of the professions and profiles of the employees who come to us. Our Human Resources mission is to support this development and ensure the development of the team. We strive to match skill needs with existing profiles, both internally and externally, in order to build high-performance teams to execute the projects that accompany our development.


Our Partners


Aware of the current and future economic and regulatory issues inherent to our field of activity, and of the importance of listening to our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, suppliers and subcontractors, we are firmly committed to an integrated policy: Quality, Health and Safety in the Workplace, in order to guarantee, on the one hand, a product and a service that meet the expectations of our customers, and, on the other hand, a healthy and safe working environment for our employees

Our locations

Our group has 3 sales outlets and a centralized production site

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